Needs for entry / Things to Know:

  • Parent signature acknowledging and agreeing to waiver and rules at sign in.

  • We are a shoe free play zone. Please bring socks or be prepared to go barefoot. Grip socks are best, but any will work! 

  • We have a doorbell system! Doors remained locked at all times….just ring the doorbell and Play & Co. will let you in. (Safety feature.)

  • Adult supervision is mandatory at ALL times, including the bathroom! Staying in the play area is recommended and appreciated. 

  • Acknowledgement of liability and rules must be signed before entering play area.

  • Adults without children are not allowed. Exception is if you are a guest of paying customers.

  • Re-entry is NOT allowed. Playtime can't be broken up by leaving and coming back.

  • Outside food is welcome from home, restaurants, etc!

  • We do not sell food or drinks as we allow outside food. Please come prepared with snacks and sippy cups if needed!

  • We do offer a water fountain and filtered water station.

  • Any signs of illness of the child OR adult we will not allow entry due to our responsibility to keep a clean and safe environment for our staff and customers.


  • Children 10 years and below are allowed to play in play area.

  • We ask all children over the age of 10 years old to remain out of the play area and/or with parents at all times. This will ensure safety for our younger guest.

Play structure:

  • Please note our large play structure is primarily for children 4-10 years of age, however many 3 year olds enjoy it as well. In addition there are other activities and toys for 3 years and below.

  • Due to the climbing nature of our play structure pants are strongly encouraged to cover knees. Socks that grip are even better on the play structure.

Food Policy:

  • Outside food is allowed in our facility. 

  • We also offer beverages for purchase

  • All food and drink is to remain in the cafe and out of the play area.

  • Please note we are not a peanut free facility. 

Play Rules:

  • Parents are 100% in charge of their children's at ALL times. Including the bathroom.

  • Children or their parents clean up their play so others can enjoy as well.

  • Toys remain out of the play structure.

  • We are kind and patient as we understand children's social skills are being developed. If parents are disengaged and assistance is needed for a more enjoyable experience, please ensure Play & Co. staff is alerted so we can assist.

  • Tidy up after your play! Clean up your toys. Just like home and school.

  • Toys stay out of the large play structure for safety.

  • We only go down the slide. Crawling up the slide can be unsafe!

  • Inside voice and walking feet. We understand there will be exciting and fun, but persistent 

  • Food, drink, gum, and shoe's are not allowed in the play area.

Illness Policy:

For consideration of our patrons and staff, we do enforce our illness policy. Please help us keep this a clean and germ free space for all children, parents, and staff! Any child with visible symptoms will be asked to play a different day when they are feeling better. Thank you for understanding as we feel a responsibility to ensure our location is not a catalyst for any illnesses.

  • Children must be fever free without fever reducing drugs for at least 24 hours.

  • No visible congestion and/ or persistent runny nose.

  • No sore throat or visible unexplained facial rashes.

  • No visible signs of pink eye.

  • No persistent cough or sneezing. 

  • No child with diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting within the last 24 hours.

A special note about behavior:

 We have zero tolerance for bullying or anything that resembles unkind behavior. We thank you for helping us keep a safe and fun environment for all!

We welcome. We respect. We encourage. We connect.  We play!